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Dr. Russo uses robotic assistant tools during surgery that allows him to perform with a greater precision. These systems are an advancement in the way orthopedic surgeons perform partial knee replacement. The system works in conjunction with our surgeon’s skilled hands to achieve the precise positioning of the knee implant based on each patient’s unique anatomy. This added level of accuracy can help improve the function, feel and potential longevity of the partial knee implant.


Orthopedic Surgeon in Scottsdale AZ

Scottsdale Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Russo is a third-generation orthopedic surgeon in Scottsdale,  AZ specializing in total hip and knee replacement surgery. He feels very grateful to have the opportunity to serve the Phoenix community as an orthopedic surgeon, just as his father and grandfather have done, for over 30 years.

Dr. Russo believes it is essential to listen to patients and to treat them just as he would his own family members. He was specifically drawn to hip and knee replacements because he finds it rewarding to play a role in the transformation of patients whose lives have been limited by their condition and to help return them to the everyday activities and lifestyle they previously enjoyed.

Congratulations to Dr. Vincent and Matt Russo as this year’s honorees for the Walk to Cure Arthritis 2020


Explains everything in great detail, does not rush at all. He puts you at ease, you know you are in good hands after your appointment. I am extremely confident with his skill in performing the hip replacement that I need.

Terrie Bulkin

For more than a year I was suffering from Bi-lateral leg pain & left thigh pain. I told my PCP I needed a referral to see Dr. Mathew Russo. Best decision I have ever made. He said I need a new hip & I got one. He & his PA, Chaim Kaplan & the office staff were totally professional, polite, courteous and helpful. From the consult to seeing me in the hospital pre & post OP to my follow up visit after the surgery, Dr. Russo listened to me, explained everything & never rushed me. GREAT DR.!!


I am 83 years old and had finished 35 Radiation treatments 2 months earlier when I was referred Dr.Russo for Total Knee Replacement which I needed badly. What a GREAT EXPERIENCE! I needed no medication after 3 weeks and was walking without a cane after 4 weeks. He kept in DAILY touch with his Portal and kept giving me encouragement. Dr.Russo isa very talented Surgeon who REALLY cares about his Patients. A great combination!

Gerald Goldstein DDS

I am a 64-year-old woman who just had a hip-replacement with Dr. Matt Russo. The surgery was out-patient at North Valley Surgery Center. The whole experience was easy, and my recovery has been excellent. Many thanks to North Valley Surgery Center for the calls to ensure all the details were taken care of. The nurses at North Valley were comforting and generous with their time as they attended to my needs. I would highly recommend Dr. Matt Russo and North Valley for any surgical procedure.


Dr. Matt replaced my left knee and was so caring and professional from start to finish! I have been seeing his Dad, Dr. Vincent Russo for 10 years and he was unavailable to do my surgery, as he was doing his charitable surgeries, so Dr. Matt stepped in and I was equally impressed as I had been with his Dad! Don’t ever hesitate to use this excellent team! And Rosalee is a great professional in the office!

JD. Handley

As a retired physical therapist, I found myself on the other side of a walker: needing a total hip replacement. Having just moved to Arizona I did not have professional or personal knowledge of orthopedists in this area. I surfed the internet for orthopedists specializing in THR by anterior approach. Dr. Russo’s website answered all my preliminary concerns/questions especially in regards to pain management (his use of ice and anti-inflammatories) and proper fitting of the prosthesis. I underwent THR mid Sept 2018 and at my 2 week post-op visit was 4 weeks ahead of schedule!!! I did not require any narcotics as I had no pain. I utilized an ice machine and Celebrex. I couldn’t be more pleased with my outcome and the care I received from Dr. Russo and his staff. The Pulse App was a wonderful post-op tool.


I was in need of a hip replacement but with 40 yrs worth of metal running interference…this was going to be a Unique Challenge! I felt his Confidence & Compassion & Interest & felt Extremely Confident in Him! He was willing to take on the challenge & determined to make it a Success! He devised a Plan as well as several back up plans & I’m thrilled to say he pulled off Plan A & Beautifully! He also put so much into the planning & preparation…prior to the Surgery! He’s Professional but easy to relate to & Communicate with! He’s my Humble Hero!

Self-verified patient of Dr. Matthew W Russo

Sixty eight year old male 5’7″ 170 lb. Recently completed partial knee replacement (10-24-17) Honor Health, Shea Campus. My complete gratitude to Dr. Matthew W. Russo, his office staff, and the pre/post op nursing care. Surgery has its rigors, but this experience was next to perfect. Dr. Russo’s thorough explanation and examination pre-surgery, three separate visits to my bedside during recovery, and daily monitoring through the “Pulse” app is a testimony to modern care and expertise. In conclusion, the salient fact the reader should consider is that I obtained three other surgical opinions, of which two were considered “Top Doc’s” by Phoenix Magazine and I choose Dr.Russo. Informed and well researched decisions are very gratifying upon successful completion. Thank you Doc.

A. Grasso

My experience with Right total hip replacement was excellent with Dr. Matt Russo, from beginning to end. I actually got 2nd opinion from 2 other orthopedic doctors before I saw Dr. Russo and immediately decided that I wanted him to do my surgery. He and his staff are very professional, informative and courteous; to say nothing of how smoothly my surgery went and how quickly I recovered.

B. Stone

Where do I begin.Dr. Matt is awesome! I was referred to him by the orthopedic surgeon I have seen for years, when I was told I needed a total hip replacement. I was able to schedule a consult fairly quickly and together we developed a game plan-aqua therapy and weight loss before surgery, so I would have fewer risks. I’m now 6 weeks post op and feel so much better. I love using the pulse app for communication with him as well as daily exercises. I recommend seeing him for any hip/knee issues.

M. B.

I am a registered nurse and recently had a partial knee replacement for arthritis. Dr. Russo was informative, precise and very professional from the beginning. He answered all questions and made sure that I was comfortable with the procedure and the outcome before deciding on the surgery. Post op care was great and he called day after surgery to see how I was doing. CK was very caring and listened to my concerns post op also. Six weeks post-op and I am almost back to normal. Will refer.

N. LaFortuna RN in Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Russo is a great doctor. Had a total knee replacement, he answered all questions thoroughly. He is is kind and easy to talk to as well as an excellent surgeon. The whole office was easy to work with as well. Highly recommend.


As a retired physical therapist I found myself on the other side of a walker: needing a total hip replacement. Having just moved to Arizona, I did not have professional or personal knowledge of orthopedists in the area. I surfed the internet for orthopedists specializing in Total Hip Replacement by anterior approach. Dr. Russo’s website answered all my preliminary concerns and questions especially in regards to pain management. I couldn’t be more pleased with my outcome!!

B. Johnson

The TKR on my right knee was performed in July 2019 I was driving at five works and back to swimming at seven. I was quickly able to get back to my usual 90 minute swim several days a week and have begun taking short hikes. Being active in order to participate in sports travel & daily life was critical to me. Dr Russo answered all questions his office staff were exceptionally helpful and the nursing and physical therapy staff at Scottsdale Shea HonorHealth were superb. Though first couple of weeks are no picnic you’re up and walking within hours after surgery -home physical therapy answered so many questions and were extremely helpful .I then continued with my own physical therapist and after about three months I barely knew anything that happened. I recommended Dr Russo to numerous friends one of whom recently had a hip replacement. I have total confidence in Dr Russo and recommend him to anyone considering the surgery my personal advice do it sooner rather than later enjoy your life.

Sharon Dennis

Dr. Russo did a revision knee replacement and I am delighted with the results. If I ever need hip or knee replacement/revision he will definitely be my choice.

T. S.

Dr. Russo is the consummate professional, and I would recommend him to anyone needing total replacement surgery of the knee. I had my right knee replaced, and I am totally pleased with the results. Had 130° ROM at three weeks after surgery, and I will be returning to work at least two weeks earlier than anticipated. You cannot find a better Orthopedic Surgeon than Dr. Matt Russo, and that includes his father Vincent Russo which is considered one of the top orthopedic surgeons in Arizona.

D. D.

WOW!!! I can’t begin to give Dr. Matthew Russo the thanks he deserves. Two years of dealing with a bad hip, Dr M. Russo verified I was bone on bone. After having the initial consultation with Dr. M. Russo, he explained the anterior approach, I was ready! I now have my life back. No pain or consequences from the surgery. How fortunate I have been to find Dr. Matthew Russo!!!! He is a fantastic individual, easy to communicate with, VERY SKILLED, and an Excellent bedside manner.

J. Harris

I was long overdue for revision hip surgery with a good amount of bone loss when I went to see Matt. He was very passionate about the need for surgery and I was scheduled as soon as possible. Matt surrounds himself with an entire team of professionals from scheduling to hospital staff who are very knowledgeable, efficient and kind, just like himself. I am totally pleased with the results and would highly recommend him .

L. Schwab

Dr. Matthew Russo skillfully replaced my right hip with anterior surgery July 2018. I learned late in life that my hip was deformed at birth but never gave any grief until age 57. I could not walk long distances, sit to stand, or exercise without a grinding pain. I never had surgery and this by far was the BEST experience. I literally had NO PAIN post surgery with no need for pain medications at all. I highly recommend Dr. Matthew Russo and his team at Ortho Arizona Scottsdale!!

P. S.

I had my partial knee replaced on June 27 2018 a week later I was walking with no cane or walker in the house. I did the exercises Dr. Matt Sent everyday and i got better and better! I left for Shanghai and Italy in September and have walked everywhere up and down with no pain. I get just a little tired but can tell it’s all good from here!??

S. Gueli

Dr Matt Russo performed a total knee replacement on my right knee. I am extremely happy with his expertise, skills, and bedside manner. He took whatever time I needed to understand the procedure and answer any questions I had. It’s been 2 months since my surgery, and for the first time in many years I am pain free – I can walk-up stairs without pain, something I was unable to do before. I highly recommend Dr Matt Russo and his staff.


Dr. Matthew Russo performed my total hip arthroplasty .His Curriculum Vitae is very impressive & I felt he would be on top of current surgical techniques . His communication competence instilled tremendous confidence . I am 6 weeks post op.I went home the same day of my surgery walking without a cane or walker.I have had an optimal recovery to date.Dr. Russos staff provides seamless, attentive Pre & Post-Op care.I highly recommend Dr Russo he is an outstanding Surgeon!


I had my left hip replaced by Dr. Russo 6 weeks ago. I am a pilot and was a little apprehensive as to how long I would be out of the flying game. Dr Russo explained the procedure in detail and 2 hours after surgery I was walking around the hospital floor with a LOT less pain then I had prior to the surgery. One week later and I felt completely normal….I am 76 years old and quite active thanks to Dr. Russo…..I can not say enough about how amazing he is and how well this turned out!!

R. Rina

May 14,2018 Dr. Russo completed my 3rd left knee replacement. the prior replacements were preformed by other Doctors. Three weeks after my surgery I was walking without crutches and had not felt better in many years. Dr. Russo has been a blessing in my life. Words can not the express how much I appreciate what He has done for me. His caring personality and follow up is exceptional.

J. Jones

Being I am not the doctoring type I was at least 1 year overdo for replacing my right hip. Matt looked at the X-rays and said it was a mess. He carefully explained the procedure and showed me how he was going to fix my hip. The morning of the procedure he came in reassured me I would be pain free and walking normal. He did exactly as promised. After the procedure I could have gone home that day, no more pain! Can’t say enough how well I was taken care of and highly recommend Dr. Matt Russo.

J. Mahler

I had a knee revision of a knee replace 10 years ago. Dr. Matt Russo was informative, open and had great bedside manner, telling me what he was going to do, what to expect and how to get the most complete recovery possible. The surgery went well and I was up and walking the next day. The pain and strength in my knee was much better than the first surgery with virtually complete rehab after 6 weeks. Walking without assistance within 2 weeks and off pain meds after 2 weeks. Highly recommended.


Dr. Mathew Russo performed a surgical left hip replacement (anterior approach) for me, and I am very pleased with the result. I was quite mobile and driving by the second week, with only mild discomfort. By the fourth week I no longer needed a cane and had only mild discomfort occasionally. It is now two and a half months since my procedure and I feel perfectly well.

S. Babit

Dr Russo replaced my left hip, after 2 years of suffering while other Drs’ told me I had bursitis/arthritis. One visit and an e-ray produced the correct diagnosis. It is now 6 weeks after my surgery, I am walking without aids and have no pain! I tell people I didn’t have “surgery”, I had a “miracle”. I am 66 and I feel ten years younger. Dr Matt is professional, confident and approachable. I never once doubted his abilities.

G. Wise

Need a Hip replacement? If you are in need for a total hip replacement, get in touch with Dr. Matthew W. Russo. I recently had my left hip replaced and I could not be happier of the procedure, and fast healing of the anterior method that Dr. Matthew W. Russo uses. Overnight in the hospital and went home the next day. I’m 69 years old and 6 weeks post operation. Stopped taking pain medication after 4 weeks. I’m walking with zero pain and can actually climb a ladder, pain free.

G. Mitchell

I strongly recommend Dr. Matthew Russo to anyone needing a joint replacement. I had a total knee replacement in February 2018 and Dr. Russo did an outstanding job. Highest of recommendations!

V. Geiger

After struggling with severe hip pain for many months, Dr. Russo quickly diagnosed the need for a new hip. I had already had X-Rays (different MD) , did PT, had acupuncture, all with no relief. His office had me scheduled for surgery within 5 weeks. 2 Months later after surgery, I am back to my normal activities. Dr. Russo was extremely kind and compassionate during the whole process. He answered all my questions without ever feeling rushed or foolish. He is great!


This young man did partial knee replacement on me, no pain and no problems. He listens and gives excellent advice. Does things the modern way. He may even be better than his father and grandfather.


Dr Matthew Russo performed a total left hip replacement for me. He did an excellent job. He exudes confidence and rightly so. I had my right hip done in Texas 3 years ago, Both were done with the anterior approach. This one by Dr. Matt was so much easier. I was only in the hospital over night and when I got home the next day I was up and doing things around the house. The next night I was out to dinner with my sister who came to help me. I would highly recommend a very kind, competent Dr. Russo.

G. Steinhilber

I was in need of a hip replacement but with 40 yrs worth of metal running interference…this was going to be a Unique Challenge! I felt Dr. Matts confidence & compassion & Interest & felt extremely confident in him! He was willing to take on the challenge & determined to make it a success! He devised a plan as well as several back up plans & I’m thrilled to say he pulled off Plan A & Beautifully! He also put so much into the Planning & Preparation…Prior to the Surgery! He’s my Humble Hero!

P. J.

Dr. Matthew Russo did an amazing job on my right hip replacement From the initial appointment to the surgery and now in the post op recovery stage, he has been involved the entire time. The pleasure of being able to move without the constant pain has been amazing, and I will always thank him for letting me start living again.

K. Fehrenkamp

Complete satisfaction, successful partial knee replacement.


I needed a revision of a 16 year old knee replacement that had 4 prior surgeries. He diagnosed the problem and was successful in correcting the problem. I am delighted with my recovery time and am back to most of my daily activities. I would highly recommend him for orthopedic knee surgery.



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